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"I just listened to Baroque Concerti on Electric Guitar, and I was amazed and delighted. It was as if I was listening to some very old friends (Vivaldi, Bach and Handel) having a very good time. I found myself smiling throughout the whole CD, and I even laughed out loud with sheer pleasure during track 5 (the adagio movement of Bachs Oboe Concerto). The way Matt chose to embellish and play around with the melodies in all the pieces is just plain genius. Im absolutely convinced that all three composers would thoroughly approve! I cant wait to hear some of it live."—Garland Richmond

"We have several recordings of the Bach Suites and this is some of the most gorgeous playing we've heard. The intonation is spot on and the interpretations are extremely musical and well thought out. It is a stellar addition to one's music library!"—Nancy and Doug Heyer

"Matthew is a classical cellist on a par with the finest cellists of our day, and he is also a brilliant guitarist, playing classical and rock with equal passion and virtuosity. Blaze Audio is proud to offer his first commercial CD, containing all the solo Suites for cello by J.S. Bach. The beauty, power, and mastery of this recording are not to be missed."—Blaze Audio Software

"Cellist Matt Rehfeldt manages to balance authenticity with personal insight in this flawless recording of the familiar suites for solo cello. The pace is often excitingly lively, but he also knows how to savor every note in the slower passages. His pitch is always spot on, even in the most challenging presto sections, and I found pleasantly surprising touches throughout that revealed nuances I hadn't heard in any of my several other recordings of the Suites. Even if YOU already own some of the standard versions of this music, you owe it to yourself to hear Matt Rehfeldt's Brilliant Rendering."---Amazon review

Recordings by Matt Rehfeldt
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Bach to Rock

Matt Rehfeldt: Bach to Rock

Bach to Rock" is a diverse mixture of different styles of music played on many different instruments by one man, Matt Rehfeldt, including his own arrangements of some well known classics, 6 original works by him, and 1 original by his brother, Andy.

Baroque Concerti for Electric Guitar

Excerpt from Bach's Oboe Concerto

Matt Rehfeldt: Baroque Concerti On Electric Guitar

These are baroque concerti with highly ornamented solo electric guitar and a continuo section of electric bass, classical guitar and cello with violin and viola in the middle, all instruments performed by Matt Rehfeldt.

This project stemmed from an idea I had in high school of exploring how Baroque music might sound if it also included some of today's instruments, especially electric guitar. Now, after twenty years of studying, practicing, and recording all six of Bach's cello suites, I decided to have a go at it. I chose to record Bach's Oboe Concerto in D Minor BWV 1059, Vivaldi's Lute Concerto in D Major V93 and selections from Handel's concerti Grossi Opus 3 & Opus 6 using highly ornamented electric guitar for all the solo parts. In the Baroque period, the bass part, called "continuo," was equal in importance to the melody, and could have included a harpsichord, organ or lute along with a cello or viola da gamba. For this recording, I used classical guitar and cello, along with electric bass for the continuo parts. The viola and classical guitar were built by my knowledgeable friend and neighbor in Bellingham, Dake Traphagen, and I used a 200 year-old German violin and a nearly 300 year-old Italian cello, all with modern set ups and tuned at modern pitch.

Complete Bach Suites for Solo Cello

Excerpt from Suite #1 in G Major

Matt Rehfeldt: Bach Cello Suites

The deep and rich tones of Matt's Italian cello take you on a smooth, soothing and heart-felt journey through Bach's amazing Suites for Cello Solo. 10% from the sale of each CD is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The Crossing by Matt Rehfeldt

Matt Rehfeldt: The Crossing

The Crossing is a passionate yet progressive shredding guitar instrumental about crossing stormy waters and keeping the faith, dedicated to my King and my family.